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Female Salon

With a focus in salons that specialise in female beauty treatments, we want to discover and award the best of the best. A salon which not only offers but is well experienced in a wide range of services. The top female salons must also display high quality work that has left their customers satisfied and excited to return.

Male Salon

Specialising in treatments for male customers, we want to hear about the salons and beauty parlours out there that offer a top-quality service for their male customers. Making it a safe and relaxing space for their clients, we want to see a range of services performed perfectly, generating returning and confident customers.

Uni-Sex Salon

Merging the genders together, these salons offer a wide range of beauty and cosmetic services to satisfy their customers’ requirements. With services available for men, women and non-binary, these salons and parlours are well trained and experience to perform high quality services on any client that walks through that door.

Nail Salon

With nail art and style evolving into a bigger and exciting market, it’s important to award the Nail Bars and Salons who work hard to create amazing and magical designs. We want to award those who not only offer an amazing nail service but who create pieces of art and are creative.

Hair Dressers

This category places a focus on those who have been well trained and are experienced in the field of hair. Able to perform an excellent service on men, women and non-binary, we are looking for hairdressers who many clients strongly trust but also illustrate technique and a creative flair.

Beauticians / Stylist

A field which is growing and becoming a key focus in the beauty industry, we want to hear about individuals who not only have excellent training but have an amazing portfolio. Illustrating experience within the beauty and cosmetic industry, we want to see professionals within the field that have performed top quality work, built strong and trusting customer relationships and illustrate a passion for their craft.

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