About The Awards

3rd Annual Edition

World Beauty Awards

The World Beauty Awards stands on the foundation of a group of highly skilled individuals from a variety of fields, including beauty, cosmetics, wellness, and tourism. Our goal is to discover, award and celebrate those who have done exceptionally well in the salon and beauty field. Our winners are the dedicated ones who are shaping the industry and influencing a new level of excitement to the business.

Cutting across the globe, our worldwide nominees are eligible to engage and network through social events, under the condition that they spend a substantial sum on a table or seat. Also, our winners can purchase winning packages that include certificates, badges, and promotional possibilities which serve as an opportunity for them to expand their businesses.

Award Procedure



The nominations for Awards are self-basis. You or Your Employee or Your PR / Representative company can nominate your company or individual for the award program.


First Level Review

Our first-level Jury Team verifies the eligibility as per our Standards. The approved nominees move to the voting stage.



During the voting period, every nominee can collect votes from their clients and industry partners. Please refer to the voting guide & FAQ for more details.



Final Jury Evaluation

Our Jury Team verifies the eligibility as per our Standards. The approved nominees move to the voting stage.


Internal Winner Announcement

The winner will be announced exclusively to nominees to provide them with the chance to book a winner package and Gala ceremony tickets.


Gala Ceremony

The Grand Gala ceremony Celebration will take place as scheduled, and the winners will be announced during the event.

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2024 Schedule

Region Regular nomination closes by Voting
Starts | Ends
Final Jury
Starts | Ends
Internal Winner Announcement Gala Ceremony Date & Location
Middle East
30-Jun-2024 01-Jul-2024 to 10-Jul-2024 05-Jul-2024 to 12-Jul-2024 15-Jul-2024 28-Sep-2024
The Westin Dubai Mina
Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina
Dubai, UAE

* the above schedule is subject to change without prior notice *

Selection Criteria

The World Beauty Awards employ a rigorous selection process to identify deserving winners. Each nominee undergoes equal scrutiny based on established criteria that comprehensively evaluate their qualifications and achievements. The judging panel meticulously reviews all submissions, ensuring a fair and unbiased assessment that recognizes true excellence in the industry. This meticulous approach guarantees the awards uphold the highest standards of integrity and credibility.

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Competition & Winning Levels

The competition spans four distinct levels: City, Country, Regional, and World. Each level presents an opportunity to showcase your strength and product offering. Emerging victorious at the City level demonstrates local dominance, while conquering the Country stage solidifies your national prowess. Triumphing at the Regional level establishes your superiority across a broader geographic expanse. Ultimately, securing the World title signifies your unparalleled global excellence, placing you at the pinnacle of your industry.

City Level : 60 to 70 Points

Available in Free Plan

Example for Competition Levels

  • Best Hair Salon in Dubai
  • Best Nail Salon in Bangkok
  • Best Beauty Salon in London

Country Level : 71 to 80 Points

Available in Premium Plan

Example for Competition Levels

  • Best Beauty Lounge in UAE
  • Best Male Salon in USA
  • Best Female Salon in Australia

Regional Level : 81 to 90 Points

Available in Premium Plan

Example for Competition Levels

  • Best Unisex Salon in Asia
  • Best Bridal Salon in Middle East
  • Best Family Salon in Europe

World Level : above 91 Points

Available in Premium Plan

Example for Competition Levels

  • World's Best Luxury Beauty Salon
  • World's Best Luxury Beauty Lounge
  • World's Best Luxury Unisex Salon

What winners say about World Beauty Awards?

Fee / Cost Involved

Frequently Asked Questions

You can nominate / Register your company in 1 Award program on a complimentary basis. 

(Note : Complimentary nominations are not applicable for Beauty products / Tourism boards / Attractions / Real estate Builders or Developers / Tech companies & few more)
When you register your company for an award on a complimentary basis, you can compete at the city level in the Free nomination plan.
If you wish to participate in multiple award programs in the same year, you are required to upgrade to the premium nomination plan.
Premium nomination plan comes with lot of benefits, Few of them are
  • Nominating in Multiple Award Programs
  • Compete in City, Country & Regional level
  • Social Media post
  • Highlight on our Website in the Nominees section
  • Voting Assistance
  • Rights to use Nominee Badge / Nomination Material for lifetime
  • Rights to use Award logo / Brand name
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • WhatsApp / Phone / Email Support
  • Assistance in Awards portal usage.
  • Priority Support.
There are 2 Types of Nomination Plans are available.
1). Free Nomination Plan
2). Premium Nomination Plan

Free Nomination Plan : 
You can nominate into to any one of the award program (out of 20 Awards) per year. The Free nomination plan is good for startup and small companies. The competition level in Free plan is "City Level"

Premium Nomination Plan :
The premium nomination plan is a game-changer, designed to elevate your brand and amplify your marketing efforts, dramatically boosting your chances of success. It's not just a plan; it's a strategic arsenal packed with powerful branding and marketing tools to propel you ahead of the competition.
The benefits of Premium Nomination plan are,

  • Nominate into Multiple Award program in the same Year
  • Nominate up to 3 Categories for each nomination
  • Branding your company at Award Website
  • Priority listing in Nominees Section
  • Rights to use Award Logo, Brand for lifetime
  • Rights to use "Nominee Badge" & Certificate for ever.
  • Social Media Posts ( Instagram / Facebook / Linkedin )
  • and lot more.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Phone / Email / WhatsApp Support

If you are shortlisted as one of the winner of the award program then You are eligible to order a winner package.

Winner package helps you to promote your winning and take your branding to the next level. We have designed a variety of winner packages with lots of promotional benefits. 
The Winner package includes the following
  • RIGHTS to use International Travel Awards Logo, Brand Name & Winner announcement to the public.
  • Winner Trophy
  • Winner Plaque
  • Winner Certificate - digital
  • Winner Badge - Digital
  • Website Listing Services & etc.
  • Advertisement on our Winner Magazine
  • Listing on Award Portal in winner section
  • Your Website & Social Media will be Linked at our Awards portal
  • Social Media post
Note : the inclusions are based on the winner package you buy.

Please refer to the winner package details at  https://internationaltravelawards.org/wp-kit

We have customised different types of winner packages which suits for every winner. Please refer the winner package pricing & inclusions at https://internationaltravelawards.org/wp-kit

Most of our winners prefer the Diamond Package since it has exclusive marketing and branding benefits along with attractive winner materials.The price is also discounted.
Yes. All our winner packages are inclusive of the RIGHTS TO USE International Travel awards Logo, Brand Name.
Even if you order any individual Winner package such as Winner Certificate, Winner Badge & etc.., then you get the RIGHTS TO USE our Award logo and brand name.
Please refer the winner package details at https://internationaltravelawards.org/wp-kit
After the winner announcement. You are required to order a Winner package to receive the following
  • Rights to use the award winning title
  • Rights to use Award Logo, and Award Name.
  • Digital Materials 
  • Winner Package items such as Trophy, Medal, Certificate & plaques.
Once you order the winner package. We request you to wait till we announce the winners through Gala Ceremony or Online. You are free to announce to your clients once we announce to the world.

Please refer the winner package details at https://internationaltravelawards.org/wp-kit
No. Winners are NOT allowed to use International Travel Awards Logo, Brand Name or any materials related to International Travel Awards until they order a Winner package.

Rights to use International Travel Awards Logo, Name, Website or any other materials related to award program is a part of the Winner Package. You are free to use all the materials once you order the winner package.

Our Legal & compliance Team regularly checks our Winner's Website, Social Media Pages & Marketing related materials for the misuse of brand name. 
Here is the estimated delivery time for the winner package.
Digital Materials :  7 Working days.
Plaque : 4 Weeks 
Trophy : 4 weeks to 8 weeks

*** The above delivery time is subject to change based on the availability and shipping feasibility. The above schedule is not inclusive of shipping duration. ****

You do not have the RIGHTS to change or modify or create any winner badge using our award Name, award logo and Brand .
We highly recommend our winners to order a winner package since it comes with loads of benefits.

incase if you do not order a winner package once you become one of the winner, All our jury team effort goes waste and Also the company who stands in your next position also lose their winning opportunity.

Considering all these, If you do not order the winner package, You may lose the following benefits.

1). You will not be eligible for a complimentary nomination in our award program in the future for your company and individuals such as CEO, GM, Directors in all our award programs by Golden Tree Events, Dubai.

2). You will be eligible to go only for a Premium Plan ( Diamond & Platinum )

Once you opt for any winner package, You are free to publish. Please make sure to announce your winning after our public announcement.

Award Nomination or Registration Fee

The awards are an unparalleled opportunity to gain recognition and elevate your brand. There are 2 types of registration plans.

1). Free Registration

You can participate & Win at City level.

2). Premium Registration Plan

The Premium Nomination plan unlocks a world of possibilities. Compete on country, regional, and global stages, Participate in Multiple awards, Listing on Awards websites, Social Media posts, Dedicated Account manager support, Voting assistance and lot more

Award Nomination or Registration Fee

Choose the package that best suits your needs.






USD 299



USD 670



USD 1,220



USD 1,490

USD 1,280



USD 1,950

Total Award Participation in year 2024

Example : If you opt for Pro+ plan, You can nominate into 3 different award programs out of 17 award programs

1 Award 1 Award 1 Award 2 Award 2 Awards 3 Awards
Number of categories (in each award)

Example : if you opt for Pro+ plan, You can nominate in 3 different award programs and you can nominate 3 categories in each award program

1 Categories
(one award)
1 Categories
(one award)
2 Categories
(one award)
2 Categories
(one award)
3 Categories
(per award)
3 Categories
(per award)
Total Nomination 1 Nomination
( 1 award)
1 Nomination
( 1 award)
1 Nomination
( 1 award)
2 Nomination
( 2 award)
2 Nominations
(any 2 awards)
3 Nominations
(any 3 awards)
Competition Level City City,Country City,Country City,Country City,Country,Regional City,Country,Regional,World
Featured in Nominees Section
Rights to use award logo and name after voting
Complimentary Digital Winner Package Complimentary for 1 Nomination Winning
Nominee Badge - Digital
Nominee Certificate - Digital
Link to your Website & Social Media
Recommendation for Voting on our Website
Post on Facebook
Post on Instagram
Post on Linkedin
Discount on Winner Package (Trophy, Plaque & etc ) 10% 15%
Social Media Post 1 Post 2 Posts
Voting Assistance

Winner Package Pricing

Winner Package Pricing

Only the winners are eligible to order a winner package.

Winner packages offer promotional opportunities and benefits to maximize the value of your achievement. The pricing for these packages can vary depending on the winner package materials included.

  1. Rights to use Award Logo :  Winner package is inclusive of Rights to use Award logo, Award name, Winning Title and Announcement details.

  2. Complimentary Gala Entry passes : Winners get an opportunity to attend the gala ceremony and the entry passes will be provided on first come first serve basis

  3. Digital Materials: Customized winner badges, certificates

  4. Physical Winner Package items : Trophies, Plaques, Medals & Stickers

  5. Online Exposure: Winner packages may include featured listings on the awarding organization's website, social media platforms. These online placements can boost your visibility and drive traffic to your website.

  6. Promotional Opportunities: Some winner packages provide opportunities for speaking engagements, participation in industry events, or inclusion in mentorship programs. These promotional activities can further establish your expertise and credibility in the field.

Important Notes :
  • ONLY the winners are eligible to order the Winner Package
  • If you participated in the award program and NOT a winner then you can NOT order a winner package.
  • Every nomination MUST go through First level Jury review, Voting and Final Jury Review, Finalists selection to become one of the Winner
  • We do NOT guarantee winning an award if you nominate. 
  • The winner selection is 100% based on our Award Selection procedure / Criteria. 
  • Do NOT approach our team with any monetary benefit / payment to influence the winning chance. We reserve the right to ban / blacklist the company and individuals (CEO, GM, Entrepreneur & etc) from participating in our future award program  for any violation of selection procedure.
  • Please read winner package terms and conditions before ordering winner package.

Choose the package that best suits your needs.



USD 590



USD 1,190


USD 1,650

USD 1,590

Super Deluxe

USD 2,180

USD 1,980


USD 4,790

USD 2,800

Rights to use World Beauty Awards Logo and Brand in Website and all marketing materials
Winner Certificate - Digital
Winner Badge - Digital
Winner Email Signature - Digital
Winner Plaque.A3 Size
Winner Medal
Winner Trophy
Highlighted on Our Awards Home Page
Listing on Winner's Section @ award website
List on Featured Winner's Section
Link to Your Website
Link to your social media platforms
Winner's Speech Video
Facebook - Social Media Post
Instagram - Social Media Post
LinkedIn - Social Media Post

Are you the Best in Salon / Cosmetic Industry ?

if you believe then it's time to showcase your excellence to the world.

Who can participate in the Awards ?

World Beauty Awards offers an opportunity to the companies from 3+ industries and 10+ sectors across the globe. Following are a few of the industries participating in the Award program.

  • Luxury Spa
  • Hotel Spa
  • Spa & Wellness Centre
  • Spa Chains
  • Spa Products
  • Spa Suppliers
  • Beauty Products
  • Salon Products
  • Beauty Salon / Lounge
  • Hair Salon
  • Male & Female Salon
  • Salon Suppliers

Nominate at World Beauty Awards Now !!! Boost Your Brand !!

Nominate your Hotel & Travel company for the prestigious Travel & Tourism Awards by World Beauty Awards to elevate your brand's reputation and gain industry-wide recognition.

World Beauty Awards Categories

  • Best Hair Salon
  • Best Nail Salon
  • Best Beauty Salon
  • Best Beauty Lounge
  • Best Male Salon
  • Best Female Salon
  • Best Unisex Salon
  • Best Bridal Salon
  • Best Luxury Beauty Salon
  • Best Luxury Beauty Lounge
  • Best Luxury Unisex Salon
  • Best Luxury Male Salon
  • Best Luxury Female Salon
  • Best Aesthetic Clinic
  • Best Body shaping Clinic
  • Best Medical Beauty Salon
  • Best Skin & Nail Salon
  • Best Boutique Salon
  • Best Skincare center
  • Best Wellness Clinic
  • Best Beauty Lounge
  • Best anti-aging beauty Clinic
  • Best Kids Salon
  • Best Lash & Brow Salon
  • Best Brow & Lash Bar
  • Best Waxing Salon
  • Best Luxury Hair Salon
  • Best Medical Cosmetic Salon
  • Best Medical Cosmetic Clinic
  • Best Cosmetic Clinic
  • Best Wellness Center
  • Best Beauty & Wellness Center
  • Best Aesthetics salon
  • Best Laser & Beauty clinic
  • Best Laser & Skin Care Clinic
  • Best Tanning Salon
  • Best Cosmetic Tattoo Center
  • Best Home Salon Service
  • Best Skincare Clinic
  • Best Beauty & Wellness Center
  • Best Beauty Salon & Spa
  • Best Family Salon
  • Best Hairdresser
  • Best Beauty Salon and Beauty Store
  • Best Blowdry Bar
  • Best Blowdry Salon
  • Best Laser Hair removal Clinic
  • Best Hair removal Clinic
  • Best Organic Hair Salon
  • Best Online Beauty / Cosmetics Store
  • Best Beauty Salon Chain
  • Best Make-up Artist
  • Best Hair & Make-up Artist
  • Best Hair removal salon
  • Best Luxury Male Salon
  • Best Hair Treatment Salon
  • Best Hair loss treatment center

Winner Benefits

Advantages of winning the title wherein winner announcements are done through a variety of advertising mediums to help our winner's brand reach new heights and be taken to the next level.

Rights To Use Award Logo

Rights To Use Award Logo

Complimentary Gala Entry Passes

Complimentary Gala Entry Passes

Digital Certificate

Digital Certificate

Digital Badge

Digital Badge

Winner Medal

Winner Medal

Customized Winner Trophy

Customized Winner Trophy

Customized Plaques

Customized Plaques

Featured On Award Website

Featured On Award Website

Listing On Winner's Section

Listing On Winner's Section

Post On Instagram

Post On Instagram

Post On Facebook

Post On Facebook

Post On Linkedin

Post On Linkedin

Gala Ceremony Celebration

Complimentary Gala Entry Passes

Complimentary Gala Entry Passes

Network with Leaders in the Industry

Network with Leaders in the Industry

Stage Announcement

Stage Announcement

Photo Session

Photo Session

Video Interview

Video Interview / Success Stories Session

Video Featured on YouTube

Video Featured on YouTube

Featured in Winner Magazine

Featured in Winner Magazine

Networking Cocktail

Networking Cocktail

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